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Meet Our Lecturers

To be a teacher of the written word of God is a high calling and privilege, as we work together to focus our students on Jesus, the Living Word of God. By doing so, we are participating in what Jesus is doing to build and grow his body, the church, thus advancing the mission of God to the world.


John Mclean

John McLean (BA, MBA) is the Director and Founder of ACCM. He has served for more than 45 years in pastoral ministry, sixteen years as National Director and Mission Developer of GCI Australia, and two years as Superintendent of Australasia.

He has worked with the National Church Life Survey team and has co-authored the book Lead With Your Strengths with Peter Kaldor. He has delivered numerous sessions at the national conferences of Christian Ministry Advancement (Christian Management Australia). He has been the keynote speaker and conducted workshops and training at many church conferences in Australia, the USA and other countries. He has written several of the foundational ACCM courses and has been teaching for ACCM in intensive formats around the world for seventeen years. He continues to work with cohorts of students from many countries.

John has delivered professional workshops on Personality, Team Building and Communication, and provided Situational Leadership ® training to individuals and teams in universities, schools, community organisations, national corporations, and State Government departments. He has extensive Board experience.

John has a special interest in education and developing people.

Phillip Hopwood

Phillip Hopwood has pastored congregations of Grace Communion International in New South Wales and Tasmania, the southern island state of Australia. He has been a church member since 1972, graduating from Ambassador College BA program, majoring in theology with highest distinction, in 1983. He has undertaken a variety of studies since, including Regent College classes in Biblical Interpretation, and a number of classes at the Tasmanian College of Ministry, including Old Testament Theology, as well as completing Certificate IV in Assessment Vocational and Workplace Training at TAFE in Hobart.

Besides part time pastoring, he assists with ACCM cohorts in Australia as well as giving feedback and grading student assessments for many oversees students. Phil also runs a small computer business and enjoys computers, reading historical novels, trout fishing, photography and travel. Phillip has a passion for preaching God's word to his people. He has been involved in speaking clubs and preaching classes for 35 years. He has been serving as pastor for nearly 25 years in Canada and Australia.


Justine Parcasio

Justine Parcasio is an ordained Elder of Grace Communion International and currently serves as Youth and Associate Pastor, Pastoral Team Member and Full-Time Ministry Worker in his local church, Grace Communion Baguio. He is also commissioned as a Ministry Associate of Odyssey In Christ - Asia and has actively served as facilitator and spiritual director in various spiritual formation retreats/trainings conducted in various places in the Philippines for the past 10 years. He is a co-founder of OVRFLW (overflow) Ministries, an online ministry platform of worship, prayer, word and prophetic ministry. He is a member of GCI Philippines - National Emerging Leader Core Team as well. Before answering the call into the full-time ministry, he taught as a kindergarten teacher for 3 years at UCCP - Baguio Educational Center Inc.

He graduated Cum Laude in his bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education major in Early Childhood Education and passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers in 2015. He holds two masters degree: Master of Arts in Education major in Early Childhood Education at Benguet State University and his MA in Transformative Spirituality at Asia School Development and Cross Cultural Studies (ASDECS). He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies at Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) in Quezon City, Philippines. As a youth leader and pastor, he has been volunteering as a counselor, camp director, resource person in different youth camps, conferences and trainings (in-person and online) in the Philippines and in Asia. Most evident in his life is his passion for children, youth and the next generation, sharing the joy found in his spiritual journey with the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


Kalengule Kaoma

Kalengule Kaoma has been involved with our denomination for over 40 years and is currently serving as the African Superintendent; his region includes 159 congregations over 28 nations. Kalengule often says the three greatest needs in Africa are ‘manpower development, manpower development, and manpower development’ and one of the ways he is achieving this is through ACCM. Kalengule has been teaching ACCM courses in the form of intensives to his many church leaders since 2018.

South America

Paulina Salinas

Paulina Salinas has been a member of the church since 1980 and has been serving her community with her husband Hector since 1985. Paulina is currently pastoring a GCI congregation in Bogota, and loves serving her church with her husband, two sons and their families. Paulina has studied Theology and Sciences of Religion in Colombia and is currently accredited to teach Jesus and the Gospels, Christian Leadership, Doctrines, and The Bible.


Betty Brunet

Betty Brunet is one of ACCM’s cohort leaders and teachers in the Caribbean. Based in Martinique Betty continues to lead French speaking cohorts through ACCM courses and is accredited to teach Jesus and the Gospels, Christian Leadership, Doctrines, and The Bible. Betty has been instrumental in the ongoing process of translating ACCM courses into French and is an invaluable asset to the ACCM team.

Kenani Cheny

Kernani Cheny is one of ACCM’s cohort leaders and teachers in the Caribbean. He is accredited to teach Jesus and the Gospels, Christian Leadership, Doctrines, and The Bible. Kernani is a school teacher and has taught ACCM courses in the Caribbean and French-speaking African nations in his limited spare time since 2018.


Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson is serving ACCM as a cohort leader and teacher in the United Kingdom. Barry currently serves GCI on the National Ministry Team for the UK and Ireland and is the area pastor for 15 congregations in the south of England. He started attending our fellowship in 1975 and has been a pastor for over 25 years. While pastoring, Barry also worked as a UK civil servant doing work ranging from managing local benefits to advising government ministers on matters of policy; he also has a degree from the London School of Theology. Barry enjoys watching England play cricket rugby and football as well as the odd murder mystery thriller.

Student Testimonials

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