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Diploma in Christian Ministry Program (10 courses)  & Certificate of Christian Ministry (6 courses)

Ambassador College of Christian Ministry (ACCM) provides ministry and pastoral educational programs for Grace Communion International. Our program is offered to help equip and develop the ministry of members, ministry leaders and pastors.

The Diploma in Christian Ministry is open to anyone who wishes to apply for registration. It is comprised of ten specified courses in biblical studies and Christian leadership. The ten required courses in the Diploma program are accessed through and are administered by ACCM Australia.

The Diploma is offered on a flexible learning platform, enabling enrollment at any time and a timeframe of six months to finish a course, and is open to any interested student. The program is designed to equip men and women for more effective and informed service in the work of the gospel.

The Diploma includes nine courses, delivered online, plus a final Ministry Practicum or Research project. Students may opt to take just six of these courses, called the “Certificate of Christian Ministry” as listed below, to obtain a certificate instead of the full diploma. While the courses are listed in a generally recommended order, this is not required, and the courses may be taken in any order best suited to your individual needs.

Certificate of Christian Ministry

Diploma of Christian Ministry

(Includes completion of Certificate of Christian Ministry)

Fees and Chargers

Credit Students:

Offered as part of the Diploma of Christian Ministry and Certificate of Christian Ministry, courses taken for credit include graded assessments in addition to access to the online course material. The Diploma and Certificate qualification is denominationally accredited and recognized by Grace Communion International. The enrollment fee per course taken is USD $150